Thee Life Guru About Section

Thee Life Guru was derived from Thee Hair Guru Salon which has now expanded into Santé at Posh Salon. Lin Devezin had the notion to develop Thee Life Guru because she was receiving many questions about her own success in living a healthy lifestyle. Her clients gained interest from week to week about her fitness results which then led her to begin personally coaching and training outside of the salon. She’d just completed a course on Life Coaching and felt it was best to separate the two concepts so that one would not diminish the other. She is currently maintaining a healthy workout regimen as well as continuously pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Lin is mother, wife and salon owner, sharing her insight on how to create and maintain a balanced happy life! She eagerly helps to customize an effective plan of action and follows up on implementation for them as well! If you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle and need a little guidance, fill out a contact form to request more detailed information on how to get started with Thee Life Guru today!
Dont just change your hair, change your lifestyle