Hair Extension Tips

Hair Extension Tips


The best thing that you can do at this time is learn how to protect your investment.

Thee Hair Guru Extensions are Premium Quality Virgin or raw weft hair extensions that can and will last through your hair extension journey. Whether it be as a protective/transitioning style or just a fashion statement, you have just purchased the best hair around, so let’s treat it as such!

First, start by scheduling a regular appointment with your stylist, hopefully that is me! You will want to at least go in every 3 weeks for a deep cleansing of your installment. (Most of my clients come in every 2 weeks with their installments).

Second, you will need to always comb your extensions from the ends working your way up to the weft in various sections before bed and/or shampooing/styling. Use a paddle brush or a medium size comb with moderately sized teeth.

When Shampooing your hair:

– Use cool water if not yet installed (especially if the hair is color treated). Use lukewarm after installments.


– Cleanse the hair with moisturizing shampoo and in a downward/backward motion, work the product onto the hair extensions in one direction. Do not go in a backward and forward motion, as this will tangle the hair and may cause excess shedding. Rinse and repeat.


-Condition the hair with moisturizing conditioner. Work onto the hair in a downward/backward motion in one direction and then comb through with a wide tooth comb from the bottom of the hair all the way to the base of the weft. (Splitting hair into sections will help aid you in detangling if there is any). Rinse with cool water once hair combs straight through easily.


-Towel dry hair, then proceed to sit under a hooded dryer for at least 1 hour. Time may vary depending on length and density of hair extensions, braids and porosity level. It is recommended to sit until you are able to squeeze a braid (at the foundation of the sew-in installation) and no condensation is visibly on your fingers.


-Once hair is completely dry, proceed to styling with or without thermal styling tools. For color treated hair, closely monitor temperature of thermal styling tools (no more than 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit). Unprocessed hair may be able to withstand more heat, but never exceed 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

** Always utilize thermal protectants**

Night time Rituals:

-Utilize a silk/satin cap, scarf or pillowcase at all times. Recommended to apply before showering or bathing.

Rule of thumb:

Treat your extensions like real hair, because it is, 100% Virgin/Raw.

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