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Thee Life Guru was derived from Thee Hair Guru Salon which has now expanded into Santé at Posh Salon. Lin Devezin had the notion to develop Thee Life Guru because she was receiving many questions about her own success in living a healthy lifestyle....

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Those who are Gluten intolerant only need gluten free products!

People who have what is called Celiac disease, (a disease that causes damage to the small intestines if gluten is ingested) need to have gluten free foods in their diet.’s Jane Anderson states in an article “Gluten-Sensitivity” that...

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Gluten Free? Why?

Hi there world! Have you been hearing about all the Gluten free food products available these days? It's getting more and more popular! I bet your wondering why (smile)! Well, I'm here to tell you... A lot of people are under the impression that...

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Want to make a change? Want to do better and you just can't figure out where to start?

Here are five steps that I use on a daily basis! 5 out 5 will definitely help you get the ball rolling! 1. Believe in yourself Speak Positivity into your life Visual yourself succeeding! 2. Make Changes Take it one step at a time,...

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Are you asking yourself "How do I get started in this ever-growing (now trendy) world of fitness?"

 Are you saying to yourself "can I really do this?" Well if you are, the answer is "MOST DEFINITELY!, with the help of me, Thee Life Guru! When I first started working out, I had no idea what I was doing! In fact, it took me almost 6 months to...

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Dont just change your hair, change your lifestyle