Are you asking yourself "How do I get started in this ever-growing (now trendy) world of fitness?"

 Are you saying to yourself "can I really do this?"

Well if you are, the answer is "MOST DEFINITELY!, with the help of me, Thee Life Guru!

When I first started working out, I had no idea what I was doing! In fact, it took me almost 6 months to start losing the weight I'd gained during my pregnancy with my son Landon (by the way, he was 4 years old at the time)!

I was wading in unfamiliar territory, for Sure! But, I had one winning factor, I was DETERMINED; when your determined to do something, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU!

What gave me the notion to start working out in the first place, was the fact that I had some health issues during my pregnancy. Yet, I was reluctant to address it right away. I told you, it took me 4 YEARS before I decided to do something about my stagnant "Baby Fat"!

Nonetheless, I was ready to start my weight-loss jouney! So I joined a gym!

Now, How many of us have so-called committed ourselves to a gym membership trying to force ourselves to workout more? And still failed to commit? ( I raise my hand in admission) "Guilty"!

This was actually my THIRD time joining a gym! So please know that you are not alone, (said in the voice of our late and great Michael Jackson)!
Believe me when I tell you, Working Out is Hard! It is hard when you go into it with the wrong state of min, but for whatever reason you had an inkling to decide to start is good enough for me! Your conscious led you me and I am here to Help!

This Blog is for you, Thee Eager Beginner, ready to slightly commit yourself to losing weight, and I am going to help you to fully commit to a healthier Lifestyle!

Finally, Are you ready to start living "Thee Life"? If Thee Answer is YES, Lets GO!

Dont just change your hair, change your lifestyle