Curls, Curls and Curls!

Curls, Curls, Curls..Listen! Since my first job as a Hairstylist , all I could see was curls with my eyes closed. Lol. That’s just how often I curled hair. They say what you practice the most will soon become a natural habit(maybe I came up with that version lol). Kinky, Curly, Coily, wavy, or straight , you name it, I love it. Just the idea that I can manipulate someone’s hair texture in healthy ways to achieve many looks on the same head is exciting. Also I have the skill of doing Blow-outs. Not many people know what a blow out is so I’ll break it down. The Blow-out service involves a round brush from a pre-dried state after washing the hair. This technique is great for softer textures and those who have finer hair that doesn’t hold a curl too great before using a hot tool. The hot tools used would be flat iron, curling iron, curling wand etc..depending on style choice. I love to do FlatTwist styles, updos ,and even Protective styling as well. Braiding , Twist and Crochet are great for styles for longevity. My biggest concern with weave or Protective styles is just the health , tension, and condition of the hair before even considering alternative styles. Damage , breakage, thin hair-lines, bumps and headaches etc.. A NO, NO. Of course I can’t leave out the ladies who have a signature style (the same look) keeping it simple and convenient. Looking for a Hairstylist who loves your hair as if it were her own, uses natural products that aren’t harsh and also giving your Natural hair more options of styling, braids , cuts and color? I’m your girl.

⁃ Hair Care Provider Ja’Brielle Clark   

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