Hello all,

Let me ask you, what helps you to determine the hairstyle for you?

Is it your hairdresser or a picture you saw on your favorite celebrity or maybe something totally unexpected? (Really, leave your answer in the comment section, I would love to know).

Experts say that women choose the way they wear their hair based on face shape, neck length and hair density (how thick or thin the natural hair is). The size of her head (or forehead) is also taken into consideration. This is somewhat true, but this day and age, I find these particular attributes are being considered less and less…

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I find that the influence of reality television stars are now trumping the normal impact of the celebrities that are current at the moment and the actresses with the latest movie in the box office.

Not to say that anything is wrong with the referenced influences, however I would like to ask … what’s right?

Why do you think that the paradigm has shifted? Do you think it has shifted at all? What thought(s) is(are) put into your hairstyle selection process?

Lets get the conversation going!

Dont just change your hair, change your lifestyle