Let’s get this Straight!
If you have recently  joined the Natural Hair Revolution and you have asked yourself …. How often should I get my hair straighten? That is a very good question, and I have the answer for you!

what should i do with my natural hair?

I have seen many different textures and curl patterns and with all of them you still need to keep your hair healthy and  prevent breakage. In order to do that you need to do three things:
-Eliminate splitting ends (Regularly)
-Protect your tresses at night (while sleeping)
In order to get an accurate trim you should have your hair pressed out or straightened about every three months (if your rocking the natural look 90% of the time)
When I straighten my clients curly cues I always deep condition first… This helps to prevent having to take off too much when trimming.
To ensure that you don’t ruin your curl pattern with excessive heat, always put your straightener on a lower temperature. 390-410 (Make sure to only use straighteners with a temperature controlled setting) the courser you hair is the higher the temp should be… If you want it to stay straighter longer, use more heat and when you shampoo it again always use a protein treatment to help restore your hairs elasticity.
Moisture Mania
Natural hair tends to be on the dryer side (depending on the texture), therefore  you really should find a product for natural hair to quench your hair’s immense thirst! This will insure that your lovely locks won’t break due to dryness or brittleness!
Protect & Serve 
At night, or whenever you lay down for an extended period of time, you should ALWAYS have something covering your hair! Satin materials tend to be the most effective!

Lovin' My Natural!

So there you have it! It’s those three simple steps right there that’s going to make sure your hair continues to grow healthy and happy!
Thee Hair Guru
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